Deep Learning with R Cookbook: Over 45 unique recipes to delve into neural network techniques using R 3.5.x

Swarna Gupta (Author), Rehan Ali Ansari (Author), Dipayan Sarkar (Author)



Deep learning (DL) has evolved in recent years with developments such as generative adversarial networks (GANs), variational autoencoders (VAEs), and deep reinforcement learning. This book will get you up and running with R 3.5.x to help you implement DL techniques.


The book starts with the various DL techniques that you can implement in your apps. A unique set of recipes will help you solve binomial and multinomial classification problems, and perform regression and hyperparameter optimization. To help you gain hands-on experience of concepts, the book features recipes for implementing convolutional neural networks (CNNs), recurrent neural networks (RNNs), and Long short-term memory (LSTMs) networks, as well as sequence-to-sequence models and reinforcement learning. You’ll then learn about high-performance computation using GPUs, along with learning about parallel computation capabilities in R. Later, you’ll explore libraries, such as MXNet, that are designed for GPU computing and state-of-the-art DL. Finally, you’ll discover how to solve different problems in NLP, object detection, and action identification, before understanding how to use pre-trained models in DL apps.


By the end of this book, you’ll have comprehensive knowledge of DL and DL packages, and be able to develop effective solutions for different DL problems.


Swarna Gupta

Swarna Gupta holds a B.E. in computer science and has 6 years of experience in the data science space. She is currently working with Rolls Royce in the capacity of a data scientist. Her work revolves around leveraging data science and machine learning to create value for the business. She has extensively worked on IoT-based projects in the vehicle telematics and solar manufacturing industries.During her current association with Rolls Royce she worked in various deep learning techniques and solutions to solve fleet issues in aerospace domain. She also manages time from her busy schedule to be a regular pro-bono contributor to social organizations, helping them to solve specific business problems with the help of data science and machine learning.

Rehan Ali Ansari

Rehan has a bachelors in Electrical and Electronics engineering with 5 years of experience in data science and machine learning field. He is currently associated with the digital competency at AP Moller Maersk Group in the capacity of a data scientist. He has a diverse background of working in multiple domains like fashion retail, IoT, renewable energy sector and trade finance. He is a strong believer of agile way of developing data driven machine learning and AI products. Out of his busy schedule he manages to explore new areas in the field of AI and robotics.

Dipayan Sarkar

Dipayan Sarkar holds a Masters in Economics and comes with 17+ years of experience. Dipayan has won international challenges in predictive modeling and takes a keen interest in the mathematics behind machine learning techniques. Before opting to become an independent consultant and a mentor in the data science and machine learning space with various organizations and educational institutions, he had served in the capacity of a senior data scientist with Fortune 500 companies in the US and Europe. He is currently associated with Great Lakes Institute of Management as a visiting faculty (Analytics) and BML Munjal University as an adjunct faculty (Analytics and Machine Learning). He has co-authored a book on "Ensemble Machine Learning with Python" with PACKT Publishing.