Modern CMake for C++ - Second Edition: Effortlessly build cutting-edge C++ code and deliver high-quality solutions

Rafal Świdziński, Rafal

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  • 出版日期: 2024-05-28
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Quality Paper - also called trade paper
  • ISBN: 1805121804
  • ISBN-13: 9781805121800
  • 相關分類: C++ 程式語言CMake
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Gain proficiency in CMake and unlock the complete potential of C++ to develop exceptional projects


Key Features:

Get to grips with CMake and take your C++ development skills to enterprise standardsUse hands-on exercises and self-assessment questions to lock-in your learningUnderstand how to build in an array of quality checks and tests for robust code


Book Description:

Modern CMake for C++ isn't just another reference book, or a repackaging of the documentation, but a blueprint to bridging the gap between learning C++ and being able to use it in a professional setting. It's an end-to-end guide to the automation of complex tasks, including building, testing, and packaging software.

This second edition is updated to the latest version of the CMake tooling suite, featuring three new chapters and an additional appendix dedicated to CMake presets.

In this book, you'll not only learn how to use the CMake language in CMake projects, but also discover how to make those projects maintainable, elegant, and clean. As you progress, you'll dive into the structure of source directories, building targets, and packages, all while learning how to compile and link executables and libraries. You'll also gain a deeper understanding of how those processes work, and how to optimize builds in CMake for the best results.

You'll discover how to use external dependencies in your project - third-party libraries, testing frameworks, program analysis tools, and documentation generators. Finally, you'll gain proficiency in exporting, installing, and packaging for internal and external purposes.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to use CMake confidently at a professional level.


What You Will Learn:

Understand best practices for building C++ codeGain practical knowledge of the CMake languageGuarantee code quality with tests and static and dynamic analysisDiscover how to manage, discover, download, and link dependencies with CMakeBuild solutions that can be reused and maintained in the long termUnderstand how to optimize build artifacts and the build processProgram modern CMake and manage your build processesAcquire expertise in complex subjects like CMake presets and CDash


Who this book is for:

The book is for build engineers and software developers with knowledge of C/C++ programming who are looking to learn CMake to automate the process of building small and large software solutions. If you're just getting started with CMake, a long-time GNU Make user, or simply looking to brush up on the latest best practices, this book is for you.


獲得 CMake 的熟練度,發揮 C++ 的完整潛力,開發出優秀的專案


- 熟悉 CMake,將 C++ 開發技能提升至企業標準
- 通過實踐練習和自我評估問題,鞏固學習成果
- 了解如何建立一系列的品質檢查和測試,確保代碼的穩健性


《現代 CMake for C++》不僅僅是另一本參考書,也不僅僅是對文檔的重新包裝,而是一個在學習 C++ 和在專業環境中使用它之間搭建橋樑的藍圖。這是一個從頭到尾的指南,涵蓋了複雜任務的自動化,包括軟件的構建、測試和打包。

這本第二版已更新至最新版本的 CMake 工具套件,新增了三個新章節和一個專門介紹 CMake 預設值的附錄。

在這本書中,您不僅將學習如何在 CMake 項目中使用 CMake 語言,還將發現如何使這些項目易於維護、優雅且乾淨。隨著學習的深入,您將深入研究源代碼目錄的結構、構建目標和包,同時學習如何編譯和鏈接可執行文件和庫。您還將更深入地了解這些過程的工作原理,以及如何優化 CMake 的構建以獲得最佳結果。

您將發現如何在項目中使用外部依賴 - 第三方庫、測試框架、程序分析工具和文檔生成器。最後,您將熟練地進行導出、安裝和打包,以供內部和外部使用。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠自信地在專業水平上使用 CMake。


- 了解構建 C++ 代碼的最佳實踐
- 獲得 CMake 語言的實用知識
- 通過測試和靜態、動態分析保證代碼質量
- 發現如何使用 CMake 管理、發現、下載和鏈接依賴項
- 構建可重用且可長期維護的解決方案
- 了解如何優化構建產物和構建過程
- 編寫現代 CMake 並管理您的構建過程
- 獲得 CMake 預設值和 CDash 等複雜主題的專業知識

本書適合對 C/C++ 編程有一定了解的構建工程師和軟件開發人員,他們希望通過學習 CMake 自動化小型和大型軟件解決方案的過程。如果您剛開始使用 CMake,是長期使用 GNU Make 的用戶,或者只是想了解最新的最佳實踐,這本書適合您。