Computer Graphics and Geometric Modelling: Implementation and Algorithms (Hardcover)

Max K. Agoston






Possibly the most comprehensive overview of computer graphics as seen in the context of geometric modelling, this two volume work covers implementation and theory in a thorough and systematic fashion. Computer Graphics and Geometric Modelling: Implementation and Algorithms, covers the computer graphics part of the field of geometric modelling and includes all the standard computer graphics topics. The first part deals with basic concepts and algorithms and the main steps involved in displaying photorealistic images on a computer. The second part covers curves and surfaces and a number of more advanced geometric modelling topics including intersection algorithms, distance algorithms, polygonizing curves and surfaces, trimmed surfaces, implicit curves and surfaces, offset curves and surfaces, curvature, geodesics, blending etc. The third part touches on some aspects of computational geometry and a few special topics such as interval analysis and finite element methods. The volume includes two companion programs.



Table of contents

Introduction Raster Algorithms Clipping Transformations and the Graphics Pipeline Approaches to Geometric Modelling Basic Geometric Modeling Tools Visible Surface Algorithms Colour Illumination and Shading Rendering Techniques Curves in Computer Graphics Surfaces in Computer Graphics Intersection Algorithms Global Geometric Modelling Topics Local Geometric Modelling Topics Intrinsic Geometric Modelling Computational Geometry Topics Interval Analysis The Finite Element Method Quaternions Digital Image Processing Topics Chaos and Fractals Appendices: Notation Abstract Program Syntax IGES GM - AS Geometric Modelling Program - on CD SPACE - A Manifold Exploration Program - on CD