Hack Proofing Your Network, 2/e

Ryan Russell, Dan Kaminsky, Rain Forest Puppy, Joe Grand, K2, David Ahmad, Hal Flynn, Ido Dubrawsky, Steve W. Manzuik, Ryan Permeh

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Called "a bold, unsparing tour of information that never swerves from the practical", this updated and considerably expanded bestseller will quickly achieve top shelf placement on your information security bookshelf. Hack Proofing Your Network, Second Edition shows you that the only way to stop a hacker is to think like one.

  • Know the Laws of Security
    Review the authors' guidelines for discovering security problems when reviewing or designing a system.
  • Learn the Seven Categories of Attack
    See how denial of service, information leakage, regular file access, misinformation, special file/database access, remote arbitrary code execution, and elevation of privileges can hurt you!
  • Prevent Diffing
    See how the comparison of a program, library, or file before and after some action can affect your network data.
  • Learn about Standard Cryptographic Algorithms
    See how secure your encrypted files and passwords really are.
  • Understand Format String Vulnerabilities
    Learn about one of the newest additions to the hacker's bag of tricks.
  • Read About Session Hijacking Types
    Review TCP session hijacking, ARP attacks, route table modification, UDP hijacking, and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • Understand the Strategic Constraints of Tunnel Design
    Create tunnels that are end-to-end secure and learn how to use authentication in OpenSSH.
  • Hack Proof Your Hardware
    Design products with tamper mechanisms: resistance, evidence, detection, and response.
  • Download a Free Sniffer from the Book's Web Site
    Access the Hack Proofing Web site for complete source code and Carnivore Source Code.
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Chapter 1: How To Hack

Chapter 2:The Laws Of Security

Chapter 3: Classes of Attack

Chapter 4: Methodology

Chapter 5: Diffing

Chapter 6: Cryptography

Chapter 7: Unexpected Input

Chapter 8: Buffer Overflow

Chapter 9: Format Strings

Chapter 10: Sniffing

Chapter 11: Session Hijacking

Chapter 12: Spoofing: Attacks on Trusted Identity

Chapter 13: Tunneling: Establishing Impossible Links through Improbable Networks

Chapter 14: Hardware Hacking

Chapter 15: Viruses, Trojan Horses, and Worms

Chapter 16: IDS Evasion

Chapter 17: Automated Security Review and Attack Tools

Chapter 18: Reporting Security Problems