Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous: Command Line, Text Editor, and Git Version Control Essentials

Hartl, Michael

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  • 出版日期: 2022-05-06
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All You Need to Know, and Nothing You Don't, About Core Tools for Software Development

Three of the core tools needed for modern software development are the Unix command line, a text editor, and version control with Git. But you don't need to learn everything about them, just how to use them efficiently to solve real problems. In Learn Enough Developer Tools to Be Dangerous, renowned instructor Michael Hartl teaches the specific concepts, skills, and approaches you need so you can learn to write apps, get hired, collaborate, and maybe even launch your own company.

Even if you've never used (or even heard of) these tools before, Hartl helps you quickly build technical sophistication and master the lore you need to succeed. Focused exercises help you internalize what matters, without wasting time on details pros don't care about. Soon, it'll be like you were born knowing this stuff--and you'll be suddenly, seriously dangerous.

Learn enough about . . .

  • Running a terminal, entering and editing commands, and using man pages
  • Manipulating and inspecting files: from basic copying to finding patterns
  • Organizing files with directories
  • Learning Minimum Viable Vim(TM)
  • Basic and advanced editing techniques with editors like Atom and VS Code
  • Using the human-readable Markdown language for quick documentation
  • Formatting source code and writing executable scripts
  • Getting started with Git and GitHub
  • Using key Git workflows: commit, push, branch, merge, and more
  • Collaborating on Git projects and resolving code conflicts
  • Setting up dev environments: macOS, Linux, Windows, and cloud

Michael Hartl's Learn Enough series includes books and video courses that focus on the most important parts of each subject, so you don't have to learn everything to get started--you just have to learn enough to be dangerous and solve technical problems yourself.



現代軟體開發所需的三個核心工具是Unix命令行、文本編輯器和Git版本控制。但你不需要學習它們的所有細節,只需要學會如何高效地使用它們來解決實際問題。在《學習足夠的開發者工具以成為危險人物》中,著名教師Michael Hartl教授了你需要學習的具體概念、技能和方法,讓你能夠學會編寫應用程式、找到工作、協作,甚至可能創立自己的公司。



  • 運行終端、輸入和編輯命令,使用man頁面

  • 操作和檢查文件:從基本複製到查找模式

  • 使用目錄組織文件

  • 學習最小可行的Vim(TM)

  • 使用像Atom和VS Code這樣的編輯器的基本和高級編輯技術

  • 使用易讀的Markdown語言進行快速文檔編寫

  • 格式化源代碼和編寫可執行腳本

  • 入門Git和GitHub

  • 使用關鍵的Git工作流程:提交、推送、分支、合併等

  • 在Git項目上進行協作和解決代碼衝突

  • 設置開發環境:macOS、Linux、Windows和雲端

Michael Hartl的《學習足夠》系列包括書籍和視頻課程,重點關注每個主題的最重要部分,所以你不需要學習所有內容才能入門,你只需要學習足夠的知識來解決技術問題並成為危險人物。


Michael Hartl created the legendary Ruby on Rails(TM) Tutorial that helped jumpstart thousands of web development careers. A cofounder and principal author at Learn Enough, Hartl previously earned a Ph.D. in physics at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), where he received a Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Teaching. He is also an alumnus of Harvard University and the world-renowned Y Combinator entrepreneur program.


Michael Hartl創作了傳世的《Ruby on Rails(TM)教程》,幫助啟動了數千個網頁開發職業生涯。Hartl是Learn Enough的聯合創始人和主要作者,之前在加州理工學院(Caltech)獲得了物理學博士學位,並因卓越教學而獲得終身成就獎。他也是哈佛大學和世界知名的Y Combinator創業者計劃的校友。