Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software, 2/e (Paperback)

Petzold, Charles



Computers are everywhere --- most obviously in our laptops and smartphones, but also our cars, televisions, microwave ovens, alarm clocks, robot vacuum cleaners, and other smart appliances. Have you ever wondered what goes on inside these devices to make our lives easier but occasionally more infuriating?

For more than 20 years, readers have delighted in Charles Petzold's illuminating story of the secret inner life of computers, and now he has revised it for this new age of computing. Cleverly illustrated and easy to understand, this is the book that cracks the mystery. You'll discover what fl ashlights, black cats, seesaws, and the ride of Paul Revere can teach you about computing --- and how human ingenuity and our compulsion to communicate have shaped every electronic device we use.

This new expanded edition explores more deeply the bit-by-bit, gate-by-gate construction of the heart of every smart device -- the central processing unit that combines the simplest of basic operations to perform the most complex of feats. Along with new chapters, Petzold has created a new website,, that uses animated interactive graphics to make computers even easier to comprehend.

From the simple ticking of clocks to the worldwide hum of the internet, Code reveals the essence of the digital revolution.


電腦無所不在 --- 最明顯的是在我們的筆記型電腦和智慧型手機上,但也存在於我們的汽車、電視、微波爐、鬧鐘、機器人吸塵器和其他智慧家電中。你是否曾經想過這些設備內部發生了什麼,讓我們的生活變得更輕鬆但偶爾也更令人懊惱呢?

20多年來,讀者們一直喜愛查爾斯·佩茨奧德闡明電腦內部秘密生活的故事,現在他已經為這個新的計算時代進行了修訂。這本書巧妙地插圖並且易於理解,它解開了這個謎團。你將會發現手電筒、黑貓、跷跷板和保羅·里維爾的騎行如何教導你關於計算 --- 以及人類的聰明才智和我們溝通的衝動如何塑造了我們使用的每一個電子設備。

這本新擴展版更深入地探索了每個智慧設備的核心 --- 中央處理單元的逐位元、逐閘門構建,它結合了最簡單的基本操作來執行最複雜的任務。除了新的章節,佩茨奧德還創建了一個新的網站,使用動畫互動圖形使電腦更容易理解。