Computer Science Illuminated, 6/e (Includes Navigate 2 Advantage Access)(IE-Paperback)

Nell Dale, John Lewis





·         Access to Navigate 2 online learning materials including a comprehensive and interactive eBook, student practice activities and assessments, learning analytics reporting tools, and more

·         Completely revised sections on HTML and CSS

·         Updates regarding Top Level Domains, Social Networks, and Google Analytics

·         All-new section on Internet management, including ICANN control and net neutrality

·         New design, including fully revised figures and tables

·         New and updated Did You Know callouts are included in the chapter margins

·         New and revised Ethical Issues and Biographies throughout emphasize the history and breadth of computing

·         Available in our customizable PUBLISH platform


1 Laying the Groundwork  
Chapter 1 The Big Picture  
2 The Information Layer  
Chapter 2 Binary Values and Number Systems  
Chapter 3 Data Representation  
3 The Hardware Layer  
Chapter 4 Gates and Circuits  
Chapter 5 Computing Components  
4 The Programming Layer  
Chapter 6 Low-Level Programming Languages and Pseudocode  
Chapter 7 Problem Solving and Algorithms  
Chapter 8 Abstract Data Types and Subprograms  
Chapter 9 Object-Oriented Design and High-Level Programming Languages  
5 The Operating Systems Layer  
Chapter 10 Operating Systems  
Chapter 11 File Systems and Directories  
6 The Applications Layer  
Chapter 12 Information Systems  
Chapter 13 Artificial Intelligence  
Chapter 14 Simulation, Graphics, Gaming, and Other Applications  
7 The Communications Layer  
Chapter 15 Networks  
Chapter 16 The World Wide Web  
Chapter 17 Computer Security  
8 In Conclusion  
Chapter 18 Limitations of Computing