Beginning Ruby 3: From Beginner to Pro

DiLeo, Carleton, Cooper, Peter

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  • 出版日期: 2020-12-09
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  • ISBN: 1484263235
  • ISBN-13: 9781484263235
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Learn the principles behind object-oriented programming in Ruby and within a few chapters create a fully functional Ruby 3-based application. You'll gain a basic understanding of many ancillary technologies such as databases, XML, web frameworks, and networking - some of which will be needed for your first Ruby application. Based on the bestselling first and second editions, Beginning Ruby 3, 4th Edition is a leading guide to learn Ruby from the ground up.

The new edition of this book provides the same excellent introduction to Ruby as the previous editions plus updates for the newest version of Ruby, including performance through an improved allocator, decreased heap fragmentation and more. Also, added: details on the just-in-time compiler, fewer limits on GIL (Global Interpreter Lock), and a static type checker.


You'll see why the light and agile Ruby programming language remains a popular open source scripting option for developers building today's web applications. This book can also be used as a textbook or companion to a textbook on beginning Ruby programming. After reading and using this book, you'll have a firm handle to program in the Ruby language.

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the fundamentals of Ruby and its object-oriented building blocks
  • Use the Ruby libraries, gems, and documentation
  • Work with files and databases
  • Write and deploy Ruby applications
  • Harness the various Ruby web frameworks and use them effectively
  • Do network programming with Ruby

Who This Book Is For

Beginning programmers, programmers new to Ruby, and web developers interested in learning the foundations of the Ruby programming language.



學習 Ruby 物件導向程式設計的原則,並在幾個章節中建立一個完全功能的基於 Ruby 3 的應用程式。您將對許多相關技術,如資料庫、XML、網頁框架和網路等,獲得基本的了解 - 這些將在您的第一個 Ruby 應用程式中需要。基於暢銷的第一版和第二版,《Beginning Ruby 3, 4th Edition》是一本從頭開始學習 Ruby 的領先指南。

這本書的新版提供了與之前版本相同的優秀 Ruby 入門介紹,並更新了最新版本的 Ruby,包括通過改進的分配器提升性能、減少堆碎片化等。此外,還新增了有關即時編譯器、GIL(全域解譯器鎖定)的限制減少,以及靜態類型檢查器的詳細資訊。

您將看到為什麼輕巧靈活的 Ruby 程式語言仍然是開發者建立當今網頁應用程式的熱門開源腳本選擇。本書也可用作初學 Ruby 程式設計的教科書或輔助教材。閱讀並使用本書後,您將能夠熟練地使用 Ruby 語言進行程式設計。


- 探索 Ruby 的基礎知識和物件導向的基本結構
- 使用 Ruby 的函式庫、gems 和文件
- 處理檔案和資料庫
- 編寫並部署 Ruby 應用程式
- 充分利用各種 Ruby 網頁框架並有效使用它們
- 使用 Ruby 進行網路程式設計


初學者、初次接觸 Ruby 的程式設計師,以及有興趣學習 Ruby 程式語言基礎的網頁開發人員。


Carleton DiLeo has been writing code ever since he built his first computer from parts in a dumpster. He has written code from high-traffic websites to back-end big data systems for video games. This wide base of knowledge provides Carleton with a unique perspective when writing Ruby code.
Peter Cooper is an experienced Ruby developer, trainer, and publisher who runs Ruby Inside, the most popular blog in the Ruby and Rails worlds, with 18,000 subscribers. He also curates RubyFlow, a popular Ruby community link blog. Over the past few years he has developed, launched, and sold two startups (Feed Digest and Code Snippets), both powered by Ruby and Rails.


Carleton DiLeo自從他從垃圾箱中組裝了他的第一台電腦以來,就一直在寫程式。他曾經為高流量的網站和視頻遊戲的後端大數據系統編寫過程式碼。這種廣泛的知識基礎使得Carleton在編寫Ruby程式碼時擁有獨特的觀點。

Peter Cooper是一位經驗豐富的Ruby開發者、培訓師和出版商,他運營著Ruby Inside,這是Ruby和Rails世界中最受歡迎的博客,擁有18,000名訂閱者。他還管理著RubyFlow,一個受歡迎的Ruby社區連結博客。在過去幾年中,他開發、推出並出售了兩個由Ruby和Rails驅動的初創公司(Feed Digest和Code Snippets)。