Beyond the Basic Stuff with Python: Best Practices for Writing Clean Code

Sweigart, Al

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Go from beginner programmer to Python programmer Level up your skills to an intermediate level.

You're a student who wants to jumpstart their career with practical skills, or you're a self-taught beginner who has learned all you can from beginner programmer books and coding bootcamps. Now you're looking for the next step to becoming a real-world professional programmer so you can create your own apps, work with other Pythonistas, and get started with your career. If that's who you are, then this book is for you

Become a Python programmer by:

* Going through a Python crash course that'll get you up to speed if you're coming from another programming language or just need to review your Python skills
* Getting a run down of what complex-sounding technical jargon actually means
* Setting up your own Python-based web apps using HTML, CSS, SQLite, and Flask
* Learning how to write Pythonic code with object-oriented programming and correct code formatting and style
* Creating a project with your newly learned skills

This book is perfect for self-taught programmers looking for the stuff intro books don't teach you and students wanting to get practical information before getting started with applying their new programming skills.


Al Sweigart is a professional software developer who teaches programming to kids and adults. Sweigart has written several bestselling programming books for beginners, including Automate the Boring Stuff with Python, Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python, Coding with Minecraft, and Cracking Codes with Python (all from No Starch Press).