The C# Type System

Love, Steve

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  • 出版日期: 2023-10-31
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Harness the power of the C# type system to write programs that are clearer, simpler, and more efficient.

The type system is the foundation upon which all C# programs are built. The C# Type System will show you how todefine and implement value types effectively, and write more performant and robust code. Real-world code examplesand test cases throughout will elevate your programming with C# and show you how best to implement the principlesyou're learning.

Among the core aspects of working with the type system, you'll learn:

- How user-defined value types, and even simple types, can enhance your code's readability
- How reference and value types differ within C#
- How method parameters and arguments relate to reference and value types
- How differences in copy semantics between value and reference types affect a program's behavior
- How the different methods of value comparisons for equality work behind the scenes
- The unique characteristics and roles of various types in an application, especially how value types go beyond meredata storage
- Why inheritance isn't optimal for value types
- How to measure and evaluate the performance of an app's use of different data types

Whether you're a novice or seasoned programmer, you'll find The C# Type System indispensable in your efforts to turngood code into great.


發揮 C# 類型系統的威力,撰寫更清晰、更簡潔、更高效的程式。

類型系統是建構所有 C# 程式的基礎。《C# 類型系統》將向您展示如何有效定義和實作值類型,並撰寫更高效和更健壯的程式碼。書中的真實程式碼範例和測試案例將提升您在 C# 程式設計方面的能力,並展示如何最佳實踐所學的原則。


- 如何使用自定義值類型,甚至簡單類型,來提升程式碼的可讀性
- C# 中引用類型和值類型的差異
- 方法參數和引數與引用類型和值類型的關係
- 值類型和引用類型之間的複製語義差異如何影響程式的行為
- 不同的值比較方法在幕後如何工作
- 應用程式中各種類型的獨特特性和角色,特別是值類型如何超越純粹的資料儲存
- 為什麼繼承對於值類型不是最佳選擇
- 如何測量和評估應用程式使用不同資料類型的效能

無論您是初學者還是經驗豐富的程式設計師,您都會發現《C# 類型系統》在將好的程式碼轉化為優秀程式碼的努力中不可或缺。


Steve Love has been a professional C# developer for nearly 20 years, and has trained many other C# developers of varying levels of expertise. He writes for the ACCU magazines C Vu and Overload, and is a frequent speaker at conferences. This is the book he wishes he'd had early in his career.


Steve Love是一位有近20年專業C#開發經驗的開發者,他曾培訓過許多不同程度的C#開發者。他為ACCU雜誌C Vu和Overload撰寫文章,並經常在會議上演講。這本書是他在職業生涯早期希望擁有的書籍。