GitLab Quick Start Guide: Migrate to GitLab for all your repository management solutions

Adam O'Grady

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  • 出版日期: 2018-11-30
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  • ISBN: 1789534348
  • ISBN-13: 9781789534344
  • 相關分類: Version Control
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Port projects over from GitHub and convert SVN projects to GitLab hosted git projects

Key Features

  • Effective guide for GitLab migration from GitHub and SVN
  • Learn to implement DevOps with GitLab 11
  • Manage projects with issue boards and time tracking

Book Description

Gitlab is an open source repository management and version control toolkit with an enterprise offering. This book is the ideal guide to GitLab as a version control system (VCS), issue management tool, and a continuous integration platform.

The book starts with an introduction to GitLab, a walkthrough of its features, and explores concepts such as version control systems, continuous integration, and continuous deployment. It then takes you through the process of downloading and installing a local copy of the on-premise version of GitLab in Ubuntu and/or CentOS.

You will look at some common work?ows associated with GitLab work?ow and learn about project management in GitLab. You will see tools and techniques for migrating your code base from various version control systems such as GitHub and SVN to GitLab.

By the end of the book, you will be using Gitlab for repository management, and be able to migrate projects from other VCSs to GitLab.

What you will learn

  • Set up CI and test builds for your projects
  • Understand the benefits and limitations of GitLab work?ow
  • Migrate from other common VCS platforms to Gitlab
  • Create, review, and merge code changes
  • Learn to branch local code and create a new branch in GitLab
  • Configure sequential stages and simultaneous stages for CI/CD
  • Access Mattermost for on-premise GitLab
  • Discover the issue tracking features of GitLab

Who this book is for

The book is intended for the developers, SREs, and DevOps professionals who are looking for techniques to port their codebase to GitLab from GitHub or are looking to work with GitLab as their version control system of choice. If you've used other VCSs before, that will help with this book.

Table of Contents

  1. Introducing GitLab
  2. Setting Up GitLab
  3. GitLab Flow
  4. Issues to Merge Requests
  5. Continuous Integration And Continuous Deployment
  6. Porting from GitHub or Subversion (SVN)
  7. Advanced And Paid Features



- 有效的GitLab從GitHub和SVN遷移指南
- 學習使用GitLab 11實施DevOps
- 使用問題看板和時間追蹤管理專案





- 為專案設置CI和測試構建
- 了解GitLab工作流的優點和限制
- 從其他常見的版本控制系統平台遷移到GitLab
- 創建、審查和合併代碼更改
- 學習在GitLab中分支本地代碼並創建新分支
- 配置CI/CD的連續階段和同時階段
- 存取本地GitLab的Mattermost
- 探索GitLab的問題追蹤功能


1. 介紹GitLab
2. 設置GitLab
3. GitLab工作流
4. 從問題到合併請求
5. 持續集成和持續部署
6. 從GitHub或Subversion(SVN)遷移
7. 高級和付費功能