Version Control with Git and GitHub: Discover the most popular source control solutions used by developers worldwid

Alex Magana, Joseph Muli

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An unreliable versioning tool makes product development a Herculean task. With this course, you learn to create and enforce checks and controls for the introduction, scrutiny, approval, merging, and reversal of changes.

Key Features

  • Explain in detail about version control, its need, and where can it be used
  • Demonstrates how to use Git as an individual and as part of a team
  • Explains debugging, maintenance, and deployment with Git and GitHub

Book Description

This course introduces version control, its relevance, and usage. In the first part, you'll learn how to set up and configure Git on your computer. Then, you'll create a repository and use it for exercises throughout the course. Through multiple demos, you'll learn concepts that show various stages of a file - from when it is untracked to when it is set for tracking under version control. You'll see how to navigate the history of a repository, fetch and deliver code to GitHub, and undo code changes. The first part ends with you learning to work with branches, storing and retrieving changes temporarily, and merging the desired changes into a repository.

In the second part, you learn forking as a collaborative workflow. You'll learn addressing modularity and duplication through submodules, tracing and rectifying faulty changes, and maintaining repositories. The second part ends with you learning how to deploy applications using GitHub.

What you will learn

  • Understand and implement best practises in version control
  • Navigating the GitHub UI and installing octo tree
  • Understand what is Feature Branch Workflow and implement its features
  • Use forking features, such as submodules and rebasing
  • Master commands for debugging and maintaining a repository
  • Implement continuous integration with CircleCi or TravisCi
  • Gain insight into release management and how GitHub enables software releases

Who This Book Is For

If you want to migrate from other version control tools or want to learn more about Git, you will find this course useful and interesting. Prior experience in coding or familiarity with using the bash command line interface, will enable you to easily grasp concepts.




- 詳細解釋版本控制的概念、需求以及應用場景
- 示範如何作為個人和團隊使用 Git
- 解釋如何使用 Git 和 GitHub 進行調試、維護和部署


本課程介紹了版本控制的概念、相關性和使用方法。在第一部分中,您將學習如何在電腦上設置和配置 Git。然後,您將創建一個存儲庫並在整個課程中使用它進行練習。通過多個示範,您將學習不同文件階段的概念-從未跟踪到設置為版本控制下的跟踪。您將學習如何瀏覽存儲庫的歷史記錄,從 GitHub 拉取和提交代碼,以及撤銷代碼更改。第一部分以您學習如何使用分支、臨時存儲和檢索更改,以及將所需更改合併到存儲庫中結束。

在第二部分中,您將學習作為協作工作流程的分叉。您將學習通過子模塊解決模塊化和重複問題,追蹤和修正錯誤更改,以及維護存儲庫。第二部分以您學習如何使用 GitHub 部署應用程序結束。


- 理解並實施版本控制的最佳實踐
- 瀏覽 GitHub 用戶界面並安裝 octo tree
- 理解特性分支工作流程並實施其功能
- 使用分叉功能,如子模塊和變基
- 掌握調試和維護存儲庫的命令
- 使用 CircleCi 或 TravisCi 實施持續集成
- 了解發布管理以及 GitHub 如何實現軟件發布


如果您想從其他版本控制工具遷移或想更多地了解 Git,您會發現這門課程非常有用和有趣。具有編程經驗或熟悉使用 bash 命令行界面將有助於您更容易理解概念。