Intro to Bluetooth Low Energy: The Easiest Way to Learn Ble (Paperback)

Afaneh, Mohammad

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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is an exciting new technology that was introduced in 2010. It targets applications in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. With the recent release of Bluetooth 5 in late 2016 and Bluetooth mesh in mid-2017 (which builds on top of BLE), Bluetooth is now more capable than ever of becoming the standard wireless protocol used in many IoT applications including: smart homes, smart cities, medical devices, wearables, and sensor connectivity.

Learning a new technology is always challenging and usually comes with a learning curve. Some technologies are easier to learn than others. Unfortunately, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can be one of those hard ones. The lack of good resources including blogs, tutorials, and up-to-date books that help a beginner to learn BLE, makes the task even more difficult.

That is, in fact, the primary goal of this book: to provide you with a complete understanding of the basics and core concepts of BLE that you can learn in a single weekend.

Here's a tiny list of the benefits this book will help you achieve:

  • Understand what Bluetooth Low Energy is and how it compares to Bluetooth Classic.
  • Become better informed about the use cases where BLE makes the most sense.
  • Learn all about Bluetooth 5 and the new features it brought us.
  • Understand how two BLE devices discover and connect with each other.
  • Understand how BLE devices exchange and transfer data between each other.
  • Fully grasp concepts such as Peripherals, Centrals, Advertising, Connections, GATT, GAP, and many others.
  • Learn about the newly released Bluetooth mesh standard.

What readers are saying

"I bought your BLE book and I love it. I am an iOS developer and your material helped me understand some of the finer points of BLE"

-Alex Carrizo, Senior iOS Developer, iOS SME at Mobile Apps Company

Topics include:

  • The basics of Bluetooth Low Energy & Bluetooth 5.0.
  • The difference between BLE and Bluetooth Classic (the one used for streaming audio and connecting headsets).
  • The benefits and limitations of using BLE and which use cases make the most sense for BLE.
  • The difference between a BLE Central and a BLE Peripheral.
  • All about GATT (Generic Attribute Profile) and GAP (Generic Access Profile).
  • How Bluetooth 5 achieves double the speed, four times the range, and eight times the advertising capacity.- How BLE devices advertise and discover each other.
  • How two BLE devices connect to each other.
  • How BLE devices exchange and transfer data between each other.
  • Profiles, Services, and Characteristics.
  • How secure BLE is, and how BLE devices secure the communication channel between them.
  • The different connection and advertising parameters and what each of them means.
  • An introduction to Bluetooth mesh.

About the Author

Mohammad Afaneh has been an embedded engineer for over 10 years. Since 2014, he has focused solely on learning and developing Bluetooth Low Energy applications. He even spent days and weeks reading through the 2,800+ page Bluetooth specification document looking for answers to questions he couldn't find answers to in other books and resources. He shares everything he knows about development for BLE technology at his website, and via training classes around the world.






  • 了解藍牙低功耗是什麼,以及它與藍牙經典的比較。

  • 更好地了解BLE最適合的使用案例。

  • 了解藍牙5和它帶來的新功能。

  • 了解兩個BLE設備如何發現並連接到彼此。

  • 了解BLE設備之間如何交換和傳輸數據。

  • 完全掌握外設、中心、廣告、連接、GATT、GAP等概念。

  • 了解新推出的藍牙網狀網絡標準。



-Alex Carrizo,高級iOS開發者,Mobile Apps Company的iOS SME


  • 藍牙低功耗和藍牙5.0的基礎知識。

  • BLE與藍牙經典(用於流媒體音頻和連接耳機的藍牙)之間的區別。

  • 使用BLE的好處和限制,以及哪些使用案例最適合BLE。

  • BLE中央和BLE外設的區別。

  • 關於GATT(通用屬性配置文件)和GAP(通用訪問配置文件)的一切。

  • 藍牙5如何實現雙倍速度、四倍範圍和八倍廣告容量。

  • BLE設備如何廣告和發現彼此。

  • 兩個BLE設備如何連接。

  • BLE設備如何交換和傳輸數據。

  • 配置文件、服務和特徵。

  • BLE的安全性以及BLE設備如何保護它們之間的通信通道。

  • 不同的連接和廣告參數及其含義。

  • 藍牙網狀網絡的介紹。


Mohammad Afaneh是一位從事嵌入式工程師工作超過10年的人。自2014年以來,他專注於學習和開發藍牙低功耗應用。他甚至花了幾天幾周的時間閱讀2800多頁的藍牙規範文件,尋找其他書籍和資源中找不到答案的問題。他在他的網站www.novelbits.io上分享了他對BLE技術開發的所有知識,並通過全球的培訓課程傳授給他人。