Practical Microservices with Dapr and .NET: A developer's guide to build cloud native applications using the Dapr event-driven runtime

Bedin, Davide



Use the new, enticing and highly portable event-driven runtime to simplify building resilient and scalable microservices for cloud and edge applications.

Key Features:

  • Build resilient, stateless, and stateful microservice applications that run on the cloud and edge
  • Solve common distributed systems such as low latency and scaling using any language and framework
  • Use real-time and proactive monitoring tools to support a reliable and highly available system

Book Description:

Over the last decade, there has been a huge shift from heavily coded monolithic applications to finer, self-contained microservices. Dapr is a new, open source project by Microsoft that provides proven techniques and best practices for developing modern applications. It offers platform-agnostic features for running your applications on public cloud, on-premises, and even on edge devices.

This book will help you get to grips with microservice architectures and how to manage application complexities with Dapr in no time. You'll understand how Dapr offers ease of implementation while allowing you to work with multiple languages and platforms. You'll also understand how Dapr's runtime, services, building blocks, and software development kits (SDKs) help you to simplify the creation of resilient and portable microservices. Dapr provides an event-driven runtime that supports the essential features you need to build microservices, including service invocation, state management, and publish/subscribe messaging. You'll explore all of those in addition to various other advanced features with this practical guide to learning Dapr.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to write microservices easily using your choice of language or framework by implementing industry best practices to solve problems related to distributed systems.

What You Will Learn:

  • Use Dapr to create services, invoking them directly and via pub/sub
  • Discover best practices for working with microservice architectures
  • Leverage the actor model to orchestrate data and behavior
  • Use Azure Kubernetes Service to deploy a sample application
  • Monitor Dapr applications using Zipkin, Prometheus, and Grafana
  • Scale and load test Dapr applications on Kubernetes

Who This Book Is For:

This book is for developers looking to explore microservices architectures and implement them in Dapr applications using examples on Microsoft .NET Core. Whether you are new to microservices or have knowledge of this architectural approach and want to get hands-on experience in using Dapr, you'll find this book useful. Familiarity with .NET Core will help you to understand the C# samples and code snippets used in the book.



- 構建運行於雲端和邊緣的彈性、無狀態和有狀態的微服務應用
- 使用任何語言和框架解決常見的低延遲和擴展等分散式系統問題
- 使用實時和主動監控工具支援可靠且高可用的系統

在過去的十年中,從繁重編碼的單體應用轉向更精簡、自包含的微服務。Dapr 是微軟的一個新的開源項目,提供了開發現代應用的成熟技術和最佳實踐。它提供了平台無關的功能,讓您的應用可以在公共雲、本地甚至邊緣設備上運行。

本書將幫助您迅速掌握微服務架構以及如何使用 Dapr 管理應用程序的複雜性。您將了解到 Dapr 提供了易於實現的特點,同時允許您使用多種語言和平台進行開發。您還將了解到 Dapr 的運行時、服務、構建塊和軟件開發工具包(SDK)如何幫助您簡化彈性和可移植微服務的創建。Dapr 提供了一個支援微服務所需的基本功能的事件驅動運行時,包括服務調用、狀態管理和發布/訂閱消息。通過這本實用指南,您將探索所有這些功能以及其他各種高級功能。


- 使用 Dapr 創建服務,直接調用它們以及通過發布/訂閱方式調用它們
- 探索與微服務架構一起工作的最佳實踐
- 利用演員模型來協調數據和行為
- 使用 Azure Kubernetes Service 部署示例應用程序
- 使用 Zipkin、Prometheus 和 Grafana 監控 Dapr 應用程序
- 在 Kubernetes 上進行 Dapr 應用程序的擴展和負載測試

本書適合對微服務架構感興趣並希望在 Microsoft .NET Core 上使用 Dapr 應用程序的開發人員。無論您是初次接觸微服務還是已經了解這種架構方法並希望在使用 Dapr 方面獲得實踐經驗,本書都會對您有所幫助。熟悉 .NET Core 將有助於您理解本書中使用的 C# 示例和代碼片段。