Git for Programmers: Master Git for effective implementation of version control for your programming projects

Liberty, Jesse




Learn to track, branch, merge, and manage code revisions for real-world development scenarios

Key Features:

  • Master Git and understand the significance of version control
  • Get to grips with Git's typical workflows, advanced functions, and their implementations
  • Understand important git commands to manage your repository

Book Description:

Git is the most popular version control system in the world. It allows developers to keep up with frequent code changes in a project, ensures there are no code conflicts between the developers, and reverts to an older version of code when required.

Git for Programmers comprehensively equips you with actionable insights on advanced Git concepts in an engaging and straightforward way. This book will help you gain expertise on Git with many practical use cases as you progress through the chapters.

The book begins with a quick history of Git and instructions on how to get it and install it, after which you'll dive into the creation and cloning of your repository. As you progress through the book, you'll explore Git places, branching, and GUIs.

Once you understand the fundamentals, you'll learn how to handle merge conflicts, rebase, amend, interactive rebase, and use the log. You'll also explore important Git commands for managing your repository. Finally, the book concludes with coverage of bisect, blame, and several other problem handling techniques.

By the end of this book, you'll be able to use git with confidence; saving, sharing, and managing files as well as undoing mistakes and rewriting history.

What You Will Learn:

Create and clone repositories

Understand the difference between local and remote repositories

Use, manage, and merge branches back into the main branch

Utilize tools to manage merge conflicts

Manage commits on your local machine through interactive rebasing

Use the log to gain control over all the data in your repository

Use bisect, blame, and other tools to undo Git mistakes

Who this book is for:

If you have basic understanding of Git and want to strengthen your command over advanced techniques and navigate different functions, this book is for you.



- 掌握 Git,了解版本控制的重要性。
- 熟悉 Git 的典型工作流程、高級功能及其實現方式。
- 理解重要的 Git 命令,以管理您的存儲庫。

Git 是全球最流行的版本控制系統。它允許開發人員跟上項目中頻繁的程式碼更改,確保開發人員之間沒有程式碼衝突,並在需要時恢復到舊版本的程式碼。

《Git for Programmers》以引人入勝且直觀的方式全面裝備您,讓您對 Git 的高級概念有實用的洞察力。隨著閱讀章節的進展,本書將幫助您在許多實際使用案例中獲得 Git 的專業知識。

本書首先簡要介紹了 Git 的歷史,並提供了有關如何獲取和安裝 Git 的指示,然後您將深入研究存儲庫的創建和克隆。隨著閱讀的進展,您將探索 Git 的位置、分支和圖形用戶界面。

一旦您理解了基礎知識,您將學習如何處理合併衝突、rebase、amend、交互式 rebase 以及使用日誌。您還將探索管理存儲庫的重要 Git 命令。最後,本書介紹了 bisect、blame 和其他一些問題處理技術。

通過閱讀本書,您將能夠自信地使用 Git;保存、共享和管理文件,並撤消錯誤和重寫歷史。

- 創建和克隆存儲庫
- 理解本地和遠程存儲庫之間的區別
- 使用、管理並將分支合併回主分支
- 利用工具來處理合併衝突
- 通過交互式 rebase 在本地機器上管理提交
- 使用日誌來掌握存儲庫中的所有數據
- 使用 bisect、blame 和其他工具來撤消 Git 錯誤

本書適合對 Git 有基本了解並希望加強對高級技術的掌握以及熟練使用不同功能的讀者。