Digital Control and State Variable Methods: Conventional and intelligent Control Systems , 4/e (IE-Paperback)

Madan Gopal

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The book takes a new approach to presenting the vital control theories that have become a necessary part of the fundamental background of control engineers. Coverage of digital control, state-space analysis and design, nonlinear control, and intelligent control has been nicely blended to serve the interests of senior undergraduate students, graduate students, research community, and practicing engineers.


Part I Digital Control: Principles and Design in Transform Domain
Ch1: Introduction
Ch2: Signal Processing in Digital Control
Ch3: Models of Digital Control Devices and Systems
Ch4: Design of Digital Control Algorithms
Part II State Variable Methods in Automatic Control: Continuous-Time and
Sampled-Data Systems
Ch5: Control System Analysis Using State Variable Methods
Ch6: State Variable Analysis of Digital Control Systems
Ch7: Pole-Placement Design and State Observers
Ch8: Linear Quadratic Optimal Control through Lyapunov Synthesis
Part III Nonlinear Control Systems: Conventional and Intelligent
Ch9: Nonlinear Systems Analysis
Ch10: Nonlinear Control Structures
Ch11: Intelligent Control with Neural Networks/Support Vector Machines
Ch12: Fuzzy Logic and Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Ch13: Optimization with Genetic Algorithms
Ch14: Intelligent Control with Reinforcement Learning