Problem Solving and Program Design in C, 7/e (Paperback)

Jeri R. Hanly

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  • 出版日期: 2012-05-01
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  • ISBN: 0273774190
  • ISBN-13: 9780273774198
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Problem Solving and Program Design in C is one of the best-selling introductory programming textbooks using the C programming language. It embraces a balanced approach to program development and an introduction to ANSI C. The book provides a gradual introduction to pointers and covers programming with functions early in the text. In later chapters, students learn to implement fundamental data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, and trees in a language that fosters their understanding of stack- and heap-dynamic memory allocation and programmer-controlled pointers. To enhance students’ learning experience it offers the right amount of pedagogical features that include end-of-section and chapter exercises, examples and case studies, syntax and program style display boxes, error discussions and end-of-chapter projects.


  Gradual introduction to pointers with a consistent emphasis on the connection between problem solving skills and effective software development.

  Early coverage of functions, logical operators, and operators with side effects.

  Chapter 0 explains the various fields of study in CS, as well as the career paths available to those who major in CS-related disciplines.

  Inclusion of advanced programming topics in the “Multiprocessing Using Processes and Threads” chapter.

  “On to C++” chapter provides an introduction to the C++ programming language.

  End-of-section and end-of-chapter exercises, case studies and end-of-chapter projects offer practical learning opportunities at relevant points in the text.

  A glossary provides quick access to important computing terms.

New to This Edition

  To help motivate the study of introductory programming and as a vehicle to help students understand how to use libraries and to call functions, Chapters 3 (Functions), 5 (Loops), and 7 (Arrays) include optional sections on graphics programming:
 * Section 3.6: Introduction to Computer Graphics
 * Section 5.11: Loops in Graphics Programs
 * Section 7.10: Graphics Programs with Arrays

  Chapter 6 (Pointers and Modular Programming) includes a new section 6.1 on pointers

  New complete programs show use of if statements in Chapter 4

  New complete program show use of switch statement in Chapter 4

  Chapter 7 (Simple Data Types) in previous edition is eliminated and its contents integrated into other chapters of the book

  Hardware examples in Chapter 1 are updated to reflect current technology

  Several chapters contain new programming project homework problems


0. Computer Science as a Career Path
1. Overview of Computers and Programming
2. Overview of C
3. Top-Down Design with Functions
4. Selection Structures: if and switch Statements
5. Repetition and Loop Statements
6. Pointers and Modular Programming
7. Arrays
8. Strings
9. Recursion
10. Structure and Union Types
11. Text and Binary File Processing
12. Programming in the Large
13. Dynamic Data Structures
14. Multiprocessing Using Processes and Threads
15. On to C++ (Online at