S60 Programming: A Tutorial Guide (Paperback)

Paul Coulton, Reuben Charles Edwards

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  • 出版日期: 2007-03-26
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  • 語言: 英文
  • 頁數: 328
  • 裝訂: Paperback
  • ISBN: 0470027657
  • ISBN-13: 9780470027653
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Based on the authors' experiences in developing and teaching Symbian OS, this practical guide is perfect for programmers and provides a series of example-based scenarios that show how to develop Symbian applications.
  • Exercises walk the reader through the initial development of a console-based card game engine to a graphical user interface(GUI)-based, two player blackjack game operating over a Bluetooth connection between two mobile phones
  • Addresses how Symbian offers a number of different variants to allow for different user interfaces and screen savers - the most prevalent of these is S60
  • Discusses how the move toward 3G technology has resulted in an increasing need for mobile application development for S60 devices.


Table of Contents

About this Book.

About the Authors.


Symbian Press Acknowledgements.

Glossary of Terms.

1 Introduction to Mobile-Phone Systems.

1.1 Wireless Technologies.

1.2 Cellular Systems.

1.3 Elements of a Mobile-Phone System.

1.4 Keeping Users’ Calls Separate.

1.5 Multipath Propagation.

1.6 2G Mobile-Phone Systems.

1.7 GPRS Systems.

1.8 3G Mobile-Phone Systems.

1.9 IP Multimedia Subsystem.

1.10 Mobile-Phone Hardware.

2 Introduction to Symbian OS.


2.1 The Development of Symbian OS.

2.2 Symbian OS User Interfaces.

2.3 Coding Idioms.

2.4 Tool Chains.

3 The Console Application.


3.1 Creating a Console Application.

3.2 CBase Classes.

3.3 Protecting Memory.

3.4 Putting It Into Practice: An Engine for a Simple Card Game.


4 A GUI Application.


4.1 The Structure of a Symbian OS Application.

4.2 Descriptors.

4.3 Literals.

4.4 Simple Graphics.

4.5 Bitmap Images.

4.6 Observer Mixin Classes.

4.7 Handling User Input.

4.8 Putting It Into Practice: Creating a GUI-based Card Game.

5 Storing Data.


5.1 Resource File Header.

5.2 Menus.

5.3 CBA Buttons.

5.4 Changing the Application Title.

5.5 Dialogs.

5.6 Forms.

5.7 Files, Streams and Stores.

5.8 Putting It Into Practice: Saving Your Name and High Score.

6 Complex Interfaces.


6.1 Multiple View Applications.

6.2 Dynamic Menus.

6.3 Advanced Graphics.

6.4 Putting It Into Practice: The Blackjack Game.

6.5 Getting Your Application Onto a Phone.

7 Communications.


7.1 Active Objects.

7.2 Serial Communications.

7.3 Text Messaging.

7.4 Socket Communications.

7.5 Infrared Communications.

7.6 Bluetooth Communications.

7.7 Putting It Into Practice: A Bluetooth Messaging Application.

8 Routes to Market.


8.1 Testing an Application.

8.2 Quality Assurance.

8.3 Symbian Signed Software.

8.4 Marketing.

8.5 Portals.

8.6 Digital Rights Management.

Appendix A Web Resources.

Appendix B Specifications of Phones Based on S60 for Symbian OS.