MCSA/MCSE 70-291 Exam Cram: Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, 2/e

Diana Huggins

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MCSA/MCSE 70-291 Exam Cram, Second Edition is the #1 quick-study guide to passing the MCSA/MCSE 70-291 exam. This book covers all exam objectives, including how to maintain a DHCP server, manage name resolution with DNS, secure networks using IPSec, troubleshoot network and Internet connectivity, and monitor network traffic. This new edition also includes two full practice exams and has been updated against Microsoft's official courseware (MOC) that corresponds to this exam. 


This book will provide a refresher on important concepts and help you build on a solid foundation of knowledge on exam topics and objectives. The book also features test-taking strategies, time-saving study tips, and a special Cram Sheet that includes tips, acronyms, and memory joggers not available anywhere else.



Table of Contents



Chapter 1: Microsoft Certification Exams

    Assessing Exam-Readiness

    What to Expect at the Testing Center

    Exam Layout and Design

        Traditional Exam Question Formats

        New Exam Question Formats

    Microsoft's Testing Formats

    Strategies for Different Testing Formats

        Case Study Exam Strategy

        The Fixed-Length and Short-Form Exam Strategies

        The Adaptive Exam Strategy

    Question-Handling Strategies

    Mastering the Inner Game

    Additional Resources

Chapter 2: Managing IP Addressing

    Overview of the OSI Model

        Connection-Based and Connectionless Protocols

    IP Addressing

        IP Address Classes

        Private IP Address Ranges

        Converting an IP Address to Binary Format

        Subnet Masks

        Subnetting an IP Address

    Configuring TCP/IP on a Server Computer

        DHCP IP Address Assignments

        Static IP Addressing

        Configuring Advanced Settings

    Managing DHCP

        Installing DHCP

        Authorizing a DHCP Server

        Creating Scopes

        Configuring DHCP for DNS Integration

        Managing DHCP Clients and Leases

        Managing a DHCP Database

        Managing DHCP Scope Options

        Managing Reservations and Reserved Clients

    Troubleshooting TCP/IP Addressing

        Diagnosing and Resolving Issues Related to Automatic Private IP Addressing

        Diagnosing and Resolving Issues Related to Incorrect TCP/IP Configuration

        Diagnosing and Resolving Issues Related to DHCP Authorization

        Verifying DHCP Reservation Configuration

        Conflict Detection

        Examining the System Event Log and DHCP Server Audit Log to Find Related Events

        Diagnosing and Resolving Issues Related to Configuration of DHCP Server and Scope Options

        Verifying Database Integrity

        Compacting the DHCP Database

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 3: Managing Name Resolution

    Introduction to NetBIOS Name Resolution

        Name Resolution Methods

    Introduction to WINS

        Installing WINS

        Configuring a WINS Server

        WINS Replication

        Configuring WINS Replication

        Forcing Replication

        Persistent Connections

    Managing and Monitoring WINS

        Backing Up and Restoring the WINS Database

        Server Statistics


        Verifying Database Consistency

    Configuring WINS Clients

        Configuring Static Mappings

        WINS Proxy

    DNS Concepts

        DNS Queries

        DNS Forwarders

        Conditional Forwarder

        DNS Server Caching

    Implementing Windows 2003 DNS Server Roles

        Caching-Only Server

        Primary Server

        Secondary Server

    Installing DNS

        Configuring DNS Server Options

        Advanced DNS Server Options

        Configuring DNS Zone Options

        Configuring DNS Simple Forwarding

    Managing DNS

        Managing DNS Zone Settings

        Managing DNS Record Settings

        Managing DNS Server Options

    Monitoring DNS

        System Monitor

        Event Viewer

        DNS Debug Logging

        Replication Monitor

    Troubleshooting DNS

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 4: Maintaining Network Security

    Implementing Security Baseline Settings

        Preparing the Development and Test Environment

        Applying Service Packs and Hot Fixes

        Securing the Operating System

        Keeping the System Secure

        Implementing the Principle of Least Privilege

    Auditing Security Settings Using Security Templates

        Using the Default Security Templates

        Analyzing Security with the Security Configuration and Analysis Tool

        Applying Security Templates

        Creating Custom Templates

    Installing and Configuring a Software Update Infrastructure

        Installing and Configuring Software Update Services

        Installing and Configuring Automatic Client Update Settings

    Monitoring Network Protocol Security

        Using the IP Security MMC Snap-In

        Using the Support Tools

    Troubleshooting Network Protocol Security

        Using the IP Security Monitor MMC Snap-In

        Event Viewer

        Network Monitor

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 5: Routing and Remote Access

    Configuring Remote Access

        Enabling Routing and Remote Access

        Configuring Inbound Connections

        Configuring Ports

    Configuring Routing and Remote Access User Authentication

        Configuring Remote Access Authentication Protocols

        Configuring Encryption Protocols

        Configuring Internet Authentication Services (IAS) to Provide Authentication for Routing and Remote Access Clients

        Configuring Routing and Remote Access Policies to Permit or Deny Access

        Configuring Routing and Remote Access for DHCP

    Configuring a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

    Managing TCP/IP Routing

        IP Routing

        Managing Routing Protocols

        Manage Routing Tables

    Managing Remote Access

        Managing Packet Filters

        Manage Routing and Remote Access Routing Interfaces

        Managing Routing Protocols

        Managing Devices and Ports

        Managing Routing and Remote Access Clients

    Implementing Secure Access Between Private Networks

        Configuring IPSec

        Configuring IPSec for Transport Mode

        Customizing IPSec Policies and Rules

    Troubleshooting User Access to Remote Access Services

        Diagnosing and Resolving Remote Access Connection Issues

        Diagnosing and Resolving User Access to Resources Beyond the Remote Access Server

        Troubleshooting Demand-Dial Routing


    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 6: Maintaining a Network Infrastructure

    Monitoring Network Traffic

        Network Monitor

        System Monitor

    Troubleshooting Internet Connectivity


        Troubleshooting Utilities

    Troubleshooting Server Services

        Diagnose and Resolve Issues Related to Service Dependency

        Service Dependency

        Use Service Recovery Options to Diagnose and Resolve Service-Related Issues

        Configuring Service Recovery Options

        Other Troubleshooting Tools

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 7: Practice Exam #1

    How to Take the Practice Tests

    Exam-Taking Tips

    Practice Exam

Chapter 8: Answer Key for Practice Exam #1

    Answer Key

Chapter 9: Practice Exam #2

    Practice Exam

Chapter 10: Answer Key for Practice Exam #2

    Answer Key

Appendix A: Additional Resources

Appendix B: Accessing Your Free MeasureUp Practice Test–Including Networking Simulations!

Appendix C: MeasureUp's Product Features