MCSE 70-293 Exam Cram: Planning and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, 2/e

Diana Huggins, Jason Zandri

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MCSA/MCSE 70-293 Exam Cram, Second Edition is the perfect study guide if you need help passing the 70-293 exam. Among exam objectives, you must learn to use remote desktop for administration, manage IIS 6.0, revive a failed server, choose between forest and domain functional levels, and configure software update services. This new edition covers all these topics, includes two full practice exams, and has been updated against Microsoft's official courseware (MOC) that corresponds to this exam.
MCSA/MCSE 70-293 Exam Cram, Second Edition  is perfect for you if you need a refresher on important concepts as well as a guide to exam topics and objectives. You'll get test-taking strategies, time-saving study tips, a CD-ROM testing engine, and a special Cram Sheet that includes tips, acronyms, and memory joggers not available anywhere else.
Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Microsoft Certification Exams

    Assessing Exam Readiness

    What to Expect at the Testing Center

    Exam Layout and Design

        The Single-Answer and Multiple-Answer Multiple-Choice

        Question Formats

        The Build-List-and-Reorder Question Format

        The Create-a-Tree Question Format

        The Drag-and-Connect Question Format

        The Select-and-Place Question Format

        Hot Area Question Types

        Active Screen Question Types

        Simulation Question Types

        Design Exam Question Formats

    Microsoft’s Testing Formats

        The Fixed-Length Strategy

        Testlet Exam Strategy

    Question-Handling Strategies

    Mastering the Inner Game

    Additional Resources

Chapter 2: Server Roles and Security

    Select the Operating System to Install

        Web Server Edition

        Standard Edition

        Enterprise Edition

        Datacenter Edition

        Windows Server 2003 System Requirements

    Server Roles in Windows Server 2003

        Domain Controller Role

        Remote Access/VPN Server Role

        MCSA/MCSE 70-293 Exam Cram

        File Server Role

        Web Server Role

        Print Server Role

        Mail Server Role

        Terminal Server Role

        DNS Server Role

        DHCP Server Role

        WINS Server Role

    Securing Servers: Standards and Best Practices

        Server Access

        Network Traffic

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need To Know More?

Chapter 3: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining a Network Infrastructure

    Overview of TCP/IP

        OSI Model

        IP Addressing

        Subnet Masks

        Create an IP Subnet Scheme

        IP Address Classes

        Well-Known Ports

    Plan a TCP/IP Network Infrastructure Strategy

        Analyze IP Addressing Requirements

        Optimize TCP/IP Performance

    Troubleshooting TCP/IP Addressing Problems

        The PING Command

        The ARP Command

        The IPCONFIG Command

        The NBTSTAT Command

        The NETSTAT Command

        The ROUTE Command

        The HOSTNAME Command

        The TRACERT Command

        The PATHPING Command

        The FTP Command

        The TFTP Command

        The TELNET Command

        The RCP Command

        The RSH Command

        The REXEC Command

    Planning a DHCP Strategy

        DHCP Server Placement

        Securing DHCP

        Optimizing DHCP

    Plan a Host Name Resolution Strategy

        Understanding Name Resolution

        Planning DNS Servers

        DNS Zone Overview

        Choosing a DNS Namespace

        Zone Delegation

        Optimizing DNS

        Client Dynamic Updates and DHCP

    Plan a NetBIOS Name Resolution Strategy

        WINS Replication

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need To Know More?

Chapter 4: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining Routing and Remote Access

    Plan a Routing Strategy

        Routing Tables

    Routing and Remote Access

        Routing Devices

        Identify Routing Protocols to Use

        Plan for Internet Connectivity

        Virtual Private Network


    Plan Security for Remote Access Users

        Plan Remote Access Policies

        Analyze Protocol Security Requirements

        Plan Authentication Methods for Remote Access Clients

    Troubleshoot TCP/IP Routing

        Network Monitor

        System Monitor

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need To Know More?

Chapter 5: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining Server Availability

    Plan Services for High Availability

        Network Load Balancing

        Clustering Services

    Implement a RAID Solution

    Plan a Backup and Recovery Strategy

        Identifying Appropriate Backup Types

        Restore Strategies

        Identifying a Backup Strategy That Uses Volume

        Shadow Copy

        Planning a System Recovery That Uses Automated

        System Recovery

    Identify System Bottlenecks

        Identifying System Bottlenecks Using System Monitor

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 6: Planning and Maintaining Network Security

    System Services

    Plan Security for Data Transmission

        IPSec Modes

        IPSec and NAT

    Configure Security for Data Transmission

        Default IPSec Policies

        Creating an IPSec Policy

        Configure IPSec Policy Settings

    Troubleshoot Security for Data Transmission

        IPSec Monitor

        The netsh Command

        Resultant Set of Policy

        Event Viewer

    Plan Secure Network Administration Methods

        Create a Plan to Offer Remote Assistance to Client Computers

        Plan Remote Administration Using Terminal Services

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 7: Planning, Implementing, and Maintaining Security Infrastructure

    Plan a Security Update Infrastructure

        Windows Update

    Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

    Windows Server Update Services

        Installing WSUS.

        Configuring WSUS

        Configuring WSUS Clients

    Plan a Public Key Infrastructure That Uses Certificate Services

        Identify the Appropriate Type of Certificate Authority

        Plan the Enrollment and Distribution of Certificates

        Plan the Use of Smart Cards for Authentication

    Plan a Framework for Planning and Implementing Security

        Plan for Security Monitoring

    Exam Prep Questions

    Answers to Exam Prep Questions

    Need to Know More?

Chapter 8: Practice Exam 1

Chapter 9: Answers to Practice Exam 1

Chapter 10: Practice Exam 2

Chapter 11: Answers to Practice Exam 2

Appendix A: Windows Server 2003 Resources

Appendix B: Accessing Your Free MeasureUp Practice Test

Appendix C: MeasureUp’s Product Features

    Multiple Testing Modes

        Study Mode

        Certification Mode

        Custom Mode .

        Missed Question Mode

        Non-Duplicate Mode

    Question Types

    Random Questions and Order of Answers

    Detailed Explanations of Correct and Incorrect Answers

    Attention to Exam Objectives

    Technical Support