Learning Go: An Idiomatic Approach to Real-World Go Programming 2/e

Bodner, Jon

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  • 出版日期: 2024-02-20
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Go has rapidly become the preferred language for building web services. Plenty of tutorials are available to teach Go's syntax to developers with experience in other programming languages, but tutorials aren't enough. They don't teach Go's idioms, so developers end up recreating patterns that don't make sense in a Go context. This practical guide provides the essential background you need to write clear and idiomatic Go.

No matter your level of experience, you'll learn how to think like a Go developer. Author Jon Bodner introduces the design patterns experienced Go developers have adopted and explores the rationale for using them. This updated edition also shows you how Go's generics support fits into the language.

This book helps you:

  • Write idiomatic code in Go and design a Go project
  • Understand the reasons behind Go's design decisions
  • Set up a Go development environment for a solo developer or team
  • Learn how and when to use reflection, unsafe, and cgo
  • Discover how Go's features allow the language to run efficiently
  • Know which Go features you should use sparingly or not at all
  • Use Go's tools to improve performance, optimize memory usage, and reduce garbage collection
  • Learn how to use Go's advanced development tools



無論您的經驗水平如何,您都將學習如何像Go開發者一樣思考。作者Jon Bodner介紹了有經驗的Go開發者所採用的設計模式,並探討了使用它們的理由。這本更新的版本還向您展示了Go的泛型支援如何適應該語言。

- 在Go中撰寫慣用的程式碼並設計Go專案
- 理解Go設計決策背後的原因
- 為個人開發者或團隊建立Go開發環境
- 學習何時以及如何使用反射、不安全和cgo
- 發現Go的特性如何使語言運行高效
- 知道應該節省使用哪些Go特性,或者根本不使用
- 使用Go的工具來提升效能、優化記憶體使用和減少垃圾回收
- 學習如何使用Go的高級開發工具