Effective Typescript: 83 Specific Ways to Improve Your Typescript 2/e

VanderKam, Dan

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  • 出版日期: 2024-06-04
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TypeScript is a typed superset of JavaScript with the potential to solve many of theheadaches for which JavaScript is famous. But TypeScript has a learning curve of its own, and understanding how to use it effectively takes time and practice. Using the format popularized by Effective C++ and Effective Java (both Addison-Wesley), this practical book features 83 items that give specific advice on what to do and what not to do, and how to think about the language.

Author Dan Vanderkam shows you how to apply each item's advice through concrete examples. This book will help you advance from a beginning or intermediate user familiar with TypeScript basics to an expert who knows how to use the language well.

Updated for TypeScript 5, this second edition includes two new chapters on type-level programming and TypeScript recipes.

  • Learn the nuts and bolts of TypeScript's type system
  • Design types to make your code safer and more understandable
  • Use type inference to get full safety with a minimum of type annotations
  • Make tactical use of the any type
  • Understand how dependencies and type declaration files work in TypeScript
  • Successfully migrate your JavaScript code base to TypeScript


TypeScript 是 JavaScript 的一種有型別的超集,有潛力解決 JavaScript 所著名的許多問題。但 TypeScript 本身也有一定的學習曲線,要有效地使用它需要時間和實踐。這本實用書籍以《Effective C++》和《Effective Java》(Addison-Wesley 出版)所普及的格式為基礎,提供了83個具體建議,告訴你該做什麼、不該做什麼,以及如何思考這個語言。

作者 Dan Vanderkam 通過具體的例子向你展示如何應用每個建議。這本書將幫助你從熟悉 TypeScript 基礎的初學者或中級使用者,進步到能夠熟練使用這個語言的專家。

第二版更新至 TypeScript 5,新增了兩個關於類型級編程和 TypeScript 實例的章節。

  • 學習 TypeScript 類型系統的基礎知識

  • 設計類型以使代碼更安全、更易理解

  • 使用類型推斷,在最少的類型註釋下獲得完全的安全性

  • 巧妙運用 any 類型

  • 了解 TypeScript 中的依賴和類型聲明文件的工作原理

  • 成功將 JavaScript 代碼庫遷移到 TypeScript