Elementary Linear Algebra: A Matrix Approach, 2/e (PNIE)

Lawrence E. Spence , Arnold J. Insel , Stephen H. Friedberg



Based on the recommendations of the Linear Algebra Curriculum Study Group, this introduction to linear algebra offers a matrix-oriented approach with more emphasis on problem solving and applications. Throughout the text, use of technology is encouraged. The focus is on matrix arithmetic, systems of linear equations, properties of Euclidean n-space, eigenvalues and eigenvectors, and orthogonality.


Ch 1 Matrices, Vectors, and Systems of Linear Equations
Ch 2 Matrices and Linear Transformations
Ch 3 Determinants
Ch 4 Subspaces and Their Properties
Ch 5 Eigenvalues, Eigenvectors, and Diagonalization
Ch 6 Orthogonality
Ch 7 Vector Spaces