Modern Java Recipes: Simple Solutions to Difficult Problems in Java 8 and 9

Ken Kousen



Need simple solutions to specific challenges with Java 8 and Java 9? This book of practical recipes provides a quick, easy reference for developers who prefer useful examples over detailed explanations. Modern Java Recipes shows you how to solve a wide range of problems using the newest features of Java.

  • Learn functional programming with lambdas, method references, and streams
  • Adopt the new static and default methods in interfaces
  • Work with the new set of functional interfaces added to the language
  • Use collectors and comparators to search, filter, and sort data
  • Employ the new Optional type and use it correctly
  • Understand the new java.time package to handle Date and Time functionality, including time zone adjustments
  • Use the Java Read-Eval-Print-Loop in Java 9
  • Employ the new Jigsaw mechanism to modularize deployables