Bitcoin Cryptocurrency 3 Manuscripts Blockchain Technology, Ethereum Investing: Ultimate Guide

Raymond Kazuya

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What you'll Learn?

Book 1 Bitcoin

The ins and outs of Bitcoin, how value is estimated, how mining works, how to estimate trends, what the future holds for Bitcoin, introduction to blockchain technology, history of Bitcoin and Bitcoin's international influence surrounding policies, laws and governments worldwide!

Book 2 Blockchain Technology

In this book you will learn the incredible and versatile use of blockchain technology

Dubbed as the "poster boy" technology of Bitcoin, blockchain is revolutionizing the world we live in at an exponential rate! Enhancing security measures, speed, safety and efficiency worldwide!

You will gain in depth insights of how this sophisticated and complex technology operates

You will learn about future predictions in how blockchain technology will change our lives through day to day activities we take for granted

Also, you will learn about the algorithms behind blockchain, data transfers, smart contracts, mining, cryptography, and much, much more!

Book 3 Ethereum

In this last book installment you will learn about Ethereum

You will gain knowledge on potential ROI (return on investment) with Ethereum , smart contracts, real world uses, and leveraging its potential for the future

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