A Modern Introduction To Particle Physics , 3/e (Hardcover)

Fayyazuddin, Riazuddin

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  • 出版日期: 2011-10-30
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  • 語言: 英文
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  • 裝訂: Hardcover
  • ISBN: 9814338834
  • ISBN-13: 9789814338837
  • 相關分類: 物理學 Physics
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The book provides a comprehensive account of particle physics linking various aspects of particle physics in a coherent manner. This self-contained book not only cover basic concepts and recent developments but also overlaps between Astrophysics, Cosmology and Particle Physics, known as astroparticle physics. Several appendices are included to make the book self-contained.


o Fundamental Forces
o Relative Strength of Four Fundamental Forces
o Range of the Three Basic Forces
o Classification of Matter
o Strong Color Charges
o Fundamental Role of “Charges” in the Unification of Forces
o Strong Quark-Quark Force
o Grand Unification
o Units and Notation
o Problems
o References
* Scattering and Particle Interactions:
o Introduction
o Kinematics of a Scattering Process
o Interaction Picture
o Scattering Matrix (S-Matrix)
o Phase Space
o Examples
o Electromagnetic Interaction
o Weak Interaction
o Hadronic Cross-section
o Problems
o References
* Space-Time Symmetries:
o Introduction
o Invariance Principle
o Parity
o Intrinsic Parity
o Parity Constraints on S-Matrix for Hadronic Reactions
o Time Reversal
o Applications
o Unitarity Constraints
o Problems
o References
* Internal Symmetries:
o Selection Rules and Globally Conserved Quantum Numbers
o Isospin
o Resonance Production
o Charge Conjugation
o G-Parity
o Problems
o References
* Unitary Groups and SU(3):
o Unitary Groups and SU(3)
o Particle Representations in Flavor SU(3)
o U-Spin
o Irreducible Representations of SU(3)
o SU(N)
o Applications of Flavor SU(3)
o Mass Splitting in Flavor SU(3)
o Problems
o References
* SU(6) and Quark Model:
o SU(6)
o Magnetic Moments of Baryons
o Radiative Decays of Vector Mesons
o Radiative Decays (Complementary Derivation)
o Problems
o References
* Colors, Gauge Principle and Quantum Chromodynamics:
o Evidence for Color
o Gauge Principle
o Non-Abelion Local Gauge Transformations (Yang-Mills)
o Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)
o Hadron Spectroscopy
o The Mass Spectrum
o Problems
o References
* Heavy Flavors:
o Discovery of Charm
o Charm
o Strong and Radiative Decays of D* Mesons
o Heavy Baryons
o Quarkonium
o Leptonic Decay Width of Quarkonium
o Hadronic Decay Width
o Non-Relativistic Treatment of Quarkonium
o Observations
o Tetraquark
o Problems
o References
* Heavy Quark Effective Theory:
o Effective Lagrangian
o Spin Symmetry of Heavy Quark
o Mass Spectroscopy for Hadrons with One Heavy Quark
o The P-wave Heavy Mesons: Mass Spectroscopy
o Decays of P-wave Mesons
o Problems
o References
* Weak Interaction:
o V — A Interaction
o Classiffcation of Weak Processes
o Baryon Decays
o Pseudoscalar Meson Decays
o Hadronic Weak Decays
o Problems
o References
* Properties of Weak Hadronic Currents and Chiral Symmetry:
o Introduction
o Conserved Vector Current Hypothesis (CVC)
o Partially Conserved Axial Vector Current Hypothesis (PCAC)
o Current Algebra and Chiral Symmetry
o Axial Anomaly
o QCD Sum Rules
o Problems
o References
* Neutrino:
o Introduction
o Intrinsic Properties of Neutrinos
o Mass
o Neutrino Oscillations
o Evidence for Neutrino Oscillations
o Neutrino Mass Models and Mixing Matrix and Symmetries
o Neutrino Magnetic Moment
o Problems
o References
* Electroweak Unification:
o Introduction
o Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking and Higgs Mechanism
o Renormalizability
o Electroweak Unification
o Decay Widths of W and Z Bosons
o Tests of Yang-Mills Character of Gauge Bosons
o Higgs Boson Mass
o Upper Bound
o Standard Model, Higgs Boson Searches, Production at Decays
o Two Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM)
o GIM Mechanism
o Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa Matrix
o Axial Anomaly
o Problems
o References
* Deep Inelastic Scattering:
o Introduction
o Deep-Inelastic Lepton-Nucleon Scattering
o Parton Model
o Deep Inelastic Neutrino-Nucleon Scattering
o Sum Rules
o Deep-Inelastic Scattering Involving Neutral Weak Currents
o Problems
o References
* Weak Decays of Heavy Flavor:
o Leptonic Decays of τ Lepton
o Semi-Hadronic Decays of τ Lepton
o Weak Decays of Heavy Flavors
o Inclusive Hadronic Decays of D-Mesons
o Problems
o References
* Particle Mixing and CP-Violation:
o Introduction
o CPT and CP Invariance
o CP-Violation in the Standard Model
o Particle Mixing
o K0 — $\bar K^0$ Complex and CP-Violation in K-Decay
o B0 — $\bar B^0$ Complex
o CP-Violation in B-Decays
o CP-Violation in Hadronic Weak Decays of Baryons
o Problems
o References
* Grand Unification, Supersymmetry and Strings:
o Grand Unification
o Poincare' Group and Supersymmetry
o Supersymmetry and Strings
o String Theory and Duality
o Some Important Results
o Conclusions
o Problems
o References
* Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics:
o Cosmological Principle and Expansion of the Universe
o The Standard Model of Cosmology
o Cosmological Parameters and the Standard Model Solutions
o Accelerating Universe and Dark Energy
o Hot Big Bang: Thermal History of the Universe
o Freeze Out
o Limit on Neutrino Mass
o Primordial Nucleosynthesis
o Inflation
o Baryogenesis
o Problems
o References
* Appendix A Quantum Field Theory:
o Spin 0 Field
o Spin 1/2 Particle
o Trace of γ Matrices
o Spin 1 Field
o Massive Spin 1 Particle
o Feynman Rules for S-Matrix in Momentum Space
o Application of Feynman Rules
o Discrete Symmetries
o Problems
* Appendix B Renormalization Group and Running Coupling Constant:
o Feynman Rules for Quantum Chromodynamics
o Renormalization Group, Coupling Constant and Asymptotic Freedom
o Running Coupling Constant in Quantum Electrodynamics (QED)
o Running Coupling Constant for SU(2) Gauge Group
o Renormalization Group and High Q2 Behavior of Green's Function
o References for Appendices