Learning Airtable: Building Database-Driven Applications with No-Code (Paperback)

Adams, Elliott

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  • 出版日期: 2024-01-16
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Get a concise yet comprehensive overview of Airtable, one of the most versatile platforms to emerge from the no-code movement. Whether you're planning a new project, sharing data analysis within your organization, tracking a detailed initiative among stakeholders, or dealing with any other project that requires well-structured collaboration, this practical book shows you how Airtable is an accessible tool to tackle these challenges.

Author Elliott Adams guides you through the process of structuring your data in a relational database, creating automations based on changes to data in Airtable, and building user-friendly interfaces for no-code applications. This showcases how Airtable is superior to the typical options of either non-developers using spreadsheets or making large investments in time-consuming application development.

With this book, you will:

  • Learn how Airtable can reduce the need for custom-built applications
  • Use Airtable to replace internal tools such as spreadsheets
  • Build applications utilizing relational data--without any knowledge of software programming
  • Evaluate whether you can build a solution on Airtable rather than purchasing software
  • Understand the limitations of the Airtable platform when compared with writing a software application from scratch



作者Elliott Adams將引導您完成在Airtable中結構化數據的過程,根據Airtable中的數據變化創建自動化,並為無代碼應用程序構建用戶友好的界面。這展示了Airtable相對於非開發人員使用電子表格或投入大量時間開發應用程序的典型選項而言的優越性。

- 了解Airtable如何減少對定制應用程序的需求
- 使用Airtable替換內部工具,如電子表格
- 構建利用關聯數據的應用程序,而無需任何軟件編程知識
- 評估是否可以在Airtable上構建解決方案,而不是購買軟件
- 瞭解Airtable平台與從頭開始編寫軟件應用程序相比的限制