Git Version Control Cookbook - Second Edition: Leverage version control to transform your development workflow and boost productivity

Kenneth Geisshirt, Emanuele Zattin, Aske Olsson, Rasmus Voss

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  • 出版日期: 2018-07-27
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  • ISBN: 1789137543
  • ISBN-13: 9781789137545
  • 相關分類: Version Control
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A series of practical recipes to simplify the Git learning experience and increase your productivity when using Git version control

Key Features

  • Filled with practical recipes that will teach you how to use the most advanced features of the Git system.
  • Improve your productivity by learning to work faster, more efficiently, and with more confidence.
  • Discover tips and tricks that will show you when and how to use the advanced features of Git.

Book Description

Git is one of the most popular tools for versioning. This book builds on the success of the previous edition and provides you with an up-to-date guide to solving problems related to versioning.

Start your journey by understanding the Git data model and how it stores files and looks at commits. By using simple commands, you will learn how to navigate through the database. You will explore the techniques to configure Git with comprehensive examples and configuration targets. Gain an in-depth insight to improve your understanding of branches and recovering from mistakes right from committing on the wrong branch to recovering lost commits/files. We will look at the features rebase has to offer and use regular Git merge on other branches. You will explore Git notes and learn how to utilize the update, list and search commands. As we move further, you will gain an understanding of how to extract metadata from repositories and automate your daily tasks using Git hooks. The next chapter will give you an in-depth insight into repository maintenance, patching and offline sharing.

Finally, you will be introduced to various tips and tricks useful for everyday usage and gain knowledge about Git providers, integrations, and clients.

What you will learn

  • Understand the Git data model and how you can navigate the database with simple commands.
  • Learn how you can recover lost commits/files.
  • Discover how you can force rebase on some branches and use regular Git merge on other branches.
  • Master the techniques required to extract metadata from repositories.
  • Explore Git notes and understand the various features that it has to offer.
  • Learn how to decode different subcommands.

Who This Book Is For

Developers, as well as professional build release managers who want a full-fledged practical guide that will take their Git knowledge to the next level, will benefit from this book. A basic knowledge of GNU tools and shell/bash scripting is needed.


一系列實用的配方,以簡化 Git 的學習過程並提高您在使用 Git 版本控制時的生產力

- 充滿實用的配方,教您如何使用 Git 系統的最先進功能。
- 通過學習更快、更高效、更自信地工作,提高您的生產力。
- 發現提示和技巧,告訴您何時以及如何使用 Git 的高級功能。

Git 是最受歡迎的版本控制工具之一。本書在前一版的成功基礎上,為您提供了一個最新的指南,解決與版本控制相關的問題。

從理解 Git 數據模型以及它如何存儲文件和查看提交開始您的旅程。通過使用簡單的命令,您將學習如何在數據庫中導航。您將探索使用全面示例和配置目標來配置 Git 的技巧。深入了解分支和從錯誤中恢復的技術,從在錯誤的分支上提交到恢復丟失的提交/文件。我們將研究 rebase 提供的功能,並在其他分支上使用常規的 Git 合併。您將探索 Git 註釋,並學習如何使用更新、列出和搜索命令。隨著我們的進一步移動,您將瞭解如何從存儲庫中提取元數據,並使用 Git 鉤子自動化您的日常任務。下一章將深入介紹存儲庫維護、修補和離線共享。

最後,您將介紹一些日常使用的各種技巧和技巧,並了解 Git 提供者、集成和客戶端的知識。

- 理解 Git 數據模型,以及如何使用簡單的命令在數據庫中導航。
- 學習如何恢復丟失的提交/文件。
- 發現如何在某些分支上強制 rebase,並在其他分支上使用常規的 Git 合併。
- 掌握從存儲庫中提取元數據所需的技術。
- 探索 Git 註釋,並了解其提供的各種功能。
- 學習如何解碼不同的子命令。

開發人員以及希望獲得全面實用指南,將其 Git 知識提升到更高水平的專業構建發布管理人員,將從本書中受益。需要基本的 GNU 工具和 shell/bash 腳本知識。