Learning Blender, 3/e (Paperback)

Villar, Oliver



As with the previous two editions, Learning Blender, 3/e will cover the creation of a full project - an animated character composed in a real live video. The approach will be the following:
Part 1: Introduction to Blender. Learning the basics, the interface, controls, interacting with and editing objects, take a look to the main areas of the Software. Basically understand how it works with simple exercises, so in next chapters there is no need to go back to the basics again (that won't interrupt advanced users who come from other software and don't need to be reminded about the basics).
Part 2: This is the central part of the book, and it will go through the whole project. Each chapter will have two parts:
a) Introduction: easy exercise to show what's needed for completing the chapter and why it is done that way or the technology behind it.
b) Exercise: the complete part of the project that will be done in this chapter. This way, people new to 3D will be able to understand what's going on and why they need to do what they'll do, while experienced people can jump to the exercise itself, as they already probably know the basics from other software.